TeknoBit Solutions Inc.
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Working Together as a Business Partner
TeknoBit Solutions works with it's partners to plan, prepare and
execute information technology, providing ANSWERS with skill,
experience and follow-through in a timely manner.

Partnerships are crucial in our ability to deliver strategic
Information Technology solutions to customers. Greater rewards
may result from forming a business partnership. Partnerships offer
more freedom for business owners with shared business tasks and
the potential to earn greater profits. We collaborate with partners
to deliver a higher level of service and an optimal approach to
solving application and storage challenges.
TeknoBit is committed to the success of our partnerships through mutually beneficial relationships.
We believe these partnerships offer our customers the flexibility to choose the best technologies, services, and
approach to meet their Information Technology requirements.
Our Business Partners:
Ace Technologies
Oxford Associates
Adroit Technologies
ReachOut Technologies Inc
Centium Biztech
RiverDelta Consulting
ECOM Consultants
Staffing Technologies Inc
Maxima Consulting
TAC Worldwide
MicroUsers Unlimited
World Technologies Inc
Scom Technologies
The Computer Merchant Ltd
StarPoint Solutions
Second Wind
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